A Week-long Celebration!

I celebrated a birthday in July.  My next milestone birthday is a few years away, but I still wanted to do something special.  I had lots of theme, venue, and activity ideas, but couldn’t settle on one idea for one night (or weekend for that matter).  Instead, I decided to compile my ideas into a week-long birthday celebration!  The idea was brilliant (if I do say so myself!).  This allowed me to 1) visit some of my favorite locations, 2) visit new locations, 3) spend different nights with different friends (never a dull moment), and 4) select activities of varied price points in consideration of my guests pockets.  My guests and I had a fabulous time, and look forward to next year’s week-long birthday celebration!

Week-long birthday celebration agenda

Day 1 –  Dinner at Lalo’s

Activity:  Secret Message:  Take a stack of note cards and write an odd statement, Place one note card under each of the guests’ plates. As they are seated, ask each guest to read their own note card silently. Explain that throughout the meal, they must at some point say their secret message. To win, a guest must make it through the meal, say their message once, and not get caught.

Day 2 – Chocolate tasting at Chocolat du Bouchard

Activity:  None needed.  There’s chocolate!

Day 3 – Wine tasting & dinner at Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant

Activity:  None needed.  There’s wine!

Day 4 – Activity:  Thursday Night Out Downtown Oak Park

Day 5 – Dinner at Maya Del Sol

Activity – Live music (Found out the live music segment is on siesta the rest of the summer.  But that’s okay.  Had a great time anyway!)

Day 6 (day) – Activity:  Drink while you paint a picture at Arts N Spirits

Day 6 (evening) – Activity:  Glow in the dark Miniature golf at Putting Edge

Day 7 – Brunch at Chicago Chicken & Waffles

Activity:  None.  It’s brunch – just relax and enjoy great food and great company!

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?


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