Creating a Vision Board For Your 2013 Goals Workshop

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What are your dreams and goals for 2013? Want to learn how to make your dreams and goals become a reality right before your eyes?

Creating vision boards are recommended by life coaches, trainers, and scientists as the

most effective technique for turning your goals and dreams into a reality!

A vision board is a tool that displays positive images, words, and pictures of your dreams and goals.

Workshop attendees will learn effective techniques to:

  • Identify your vision and give it clarity
  • Reinforce your daily affirmations, and
  • Keep your attention on your intentions

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2012

Time: 1:00 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Location: Hampton Inn Chicago-Westchester

2222 Enterprise Drive

Westchester, IL

Cost: $30 (includes vision board supplies*, and light refreshments

What to bring: 1) your creative mind, and 2) magazines, newspapers, personal photos, or any print material with words or phrases to help illustrate your goals.

For more information about the workshop, call (708) 612-1290.

*poster board, glue, scissors, notebook paper, colored construction paper.

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Make It Memorable — Following “The Little Drummer Boy” Approach

My favorite Christmas song is “The Little Drummer Boy”.  The song reminds us: the best gift we can give comes from utilizing our natural talents. No matter what you celebrate during the holidays, this is a great message to help make your holidays unique, special, and memorable.

This year AKB Events hosted a family Christmas event for a longtime family friend.  I really wanted this event to stand out from any other family gathering.  I knew to accomplish this, I would have to use the “Little Drummer Boy” approach, and utilize my natural talents.  True, I was hired to plan their family Christmas event, but I really wanted to create an event they would remember forever.  Knowing the family is very competitive and loves games, I  decided to create a family feud board to play holiday family feud!  The family absolutely LOVED this idea.  Not only did they enjoy playing the game, many mentioned they could tell I put a lot of time and effort into creating the game board and the event overall!

AKB Events also participated in the Local-Motions Toy Giveaway.  This event was particularly hear-warming because it was all about the kids having a great time singing Christmas songs, playing with their toys , playing games, and getting their faces painted.   The gift of donating toys was crucial to this event.  However, the utilizing my talent of interacting and making connections with people, was the most unique, special, and memorable  gift I could give. So many of the kids were eager to show what Santa brought them for Christmas!  For some of these kids, this is the only Christmas gift they will receive.  Hopefully my gift of interaction will soften the impact that a harsh economic environment has created.

So, let’s continue to utilize our natural talents to make every day, not only the holidays, unique, special and memorable!

Share your story of how you utilized your natural talents to make the holidays special!

Happy Holidays,


AKB Events
Owner/Event Consultant

AKB Events on YouTube!

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Wearing gloves on your wedding day

I recently worked with a bride who wanted to wear gloves on her wedding day. She was apprehensive about it because she didn’t know which gloves to wear, or how to work with gloves during the ceremony and reception. Personally, I LOVE the idea of wearing gloves for the wedding. It brings a classic, feminine, elegant style to your wedding day ensemble. Here some guidelines for wearing gloves on your wedding day:

Glove Selection


Be sure to select gloves of an appropriate length.  The glove length should complement the dress’ sleeve length. For example (images below are from Bridal Fashion Mall and Monodo Favors):

  • Sleeveless: wear long, over the elbow gloves (also known as the 16-button glove or the opera-length glove)
  • Short-sleeve: wear below the elbow gloves. Choose either the 6-button glove (which ends just below the elbow), or the 8-button glove  (which reaches the elbow)
  • Long-sleeve: wear wrist-length gloves


Select wedding gloves that compliment your wedding dress, as opposed to overwhelm. For example, if your dress has a lot of detail, wear simple gloves. If your dress is simple, wear gloves with a lot of detail.

The glove color should match the dress (i.e. wear ivory gloves with an ivory dress). Additionally, the glove fabric should match the wedding dress (i.e. satin gloves with a satin dress). Velvet, leather, sheer, and matte gloves can be used, depending on the wedding gown texture, and time of day of the wedding.

Wedding glove etiquette

During the ceremony

Gloves are to be worn as you enter the ceremony and walk down the aisle. When it is time to exchange rings you can either:

• Remove your left glove (give the glove and bouquet to the maid of honor at the appropriate time),

• Wear a mousquetaire glove, which allows you to slip your hand out, or

• Remove the left ring finger from the glove by lifting it over the slit underneath the fabric

Once the glove or portion of the glove has been removed, leave it off until the end of the ceremony. Place the hand or finger back in the glove for the receiving line and taking pictures.

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended you practice removing your glove or gloved finger many times before your wedding day. You want the process of removing the glove to be as smooth as possible.

During the reception

During the reception, wear gloves for special dances, such as with the groom and your father. Gloves are never worn while eating, drinking, or cutting the cake. Once the formal portions of the reception are over, feel free to remove the gloves, and have a great time!

What do you think of wearing gloves on your wedding day?