Tips For Seating Dinner Guests

You’re excited to throw a dinner party!  You’ve busied yourself with the necessary tasks for a successful evening:  creating the guest list, selecting a menu with the perfect food and wine parings, and setting a tablescape to impress your guests.  One very important element . . . Read More

Everyone loves a well stocked “Bar”                                                                           

July 2, 2012 ~One of the hottest food trends in events and entertaining are food stations. Food stations  are a fun way to add variety, while making it easy for your guests to mingle. Common food stations are:. . . Read More

Cocktails For St. Patrick’s Day      

March 13, 2012 ~St. Patrick’s Day is a day for all things green and Irish.  Try these fun, green, and (maybe not so) Irish cocktails for your St. Patrick’s day festivities! .  Read More

6 tips for hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner                                                          

Nov 12, 2011~Is this your first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner?  Then you know you don’t have time to read long blog posts on the matter!  So, this short post is. . . Read More

Easy Steps For Setting a Formal Table                                                                        

Aug. 20, 2011~Recently, I had a conversation with a woman planning a romantic dinner. She really wanted to have a formal table setting for her romantic dinner. . . Read More

French country entertaining ideas – Party Planner – Food & Entertaining – Style At Home                                                                                                                                 

Aug. 10, 2011~Tips for throwing a French country style dinner party. . . Read More

Bar Codes, Vintage Edition | Best Events Magazine                                                 

Feb 28, 2011~These modern classic cocktail recipes are a must! . . . Read More

Preparing for holiday house guests                                                                             

Nov. 16, 2010~Getting ready for your holiday house guests?  Check out the article “8 Things Your House Guests Won’t Tell You“ . . . Read More

Add creative drinks to your events                                                                               

Nov. 11, 2010~The article in Special Events, “You Need a Drink:  Creative Cocktails Add Sparkle to Special Events“, provides great ideas for adding creative. . . Read More


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