Make It Memorable

2013 Inaugural Luncheon Menu

Jan. 19, 2013 ~ President Obama is sworn in for a second term on Monday, January 21st.  Can’t make any of the inaugural activities?  You can still share in the experience. . . Read More

A Week-long Celebration!                                                                                                   

July 31, 2012 ~I celebrated a birthday in July.  My next milestone birthday is a few years away, but I still wanted to do something special.  I had lots of  Read More

Make It Memorable — How to avoid event déjà vu                                                   

Jan. 24, 2011~I have had the cookie cutter event experience more times than I want to remember.  You know the event where the decorations, food, and activities . . .Read More

AKB Events on YouTube!                                                                                              

Oct. 30, 2011~AKB Events is now on YouTube!. . Read More

Make It Memorable Segment – “What’s the best FREE advice for planning a cocktail party?”                                                                                                                     

Jul. 20, 2011~I recently had lunch with a good friend and her co-worker. The co-worker is hosting her first cocktail party, and is nervous about, well, everything going . . .  Read More

Make It Memorable Segment – Bringing Sunday Dinners                                              

Jun. 24, 2011~I miss the entire family – aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents- getting together for a meal on a regular basis. Initially, the idea of Sunday dinner . . . Read More

Make It Memorable Segment – Making Each Day Count                                             

Jan. 24, 2011~We all plan events to celebrate life’s special occasions — graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and everyone being home for the holidays.  We . . . Read More


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