Wedding Planning

Healthy Snacks for the Bride-To-Be                                                                            

Oct. 10, 2011~Every bride wants to look fabulous on her wedding day.  For the bride watching her waistline, try these tasty low-calorie snack recipes from . . . Read More

Wearing gloves on your wedding day                                                                                

Jun 23., 2011~I recently worked with a bride who wanted to wear gloves on her wedding day. She was apprehensive about it because she didn’t know which gloves . . . Read More

Children on the wedding guest list – Yay or Nay?                                                      

Jun 1., 2011~Should the wedding guest list include children – Yay or Nay? This is a hot topic for those planning weddings. For some couples, not inviting children. . . Read More

1 in 4 Brides Didn’t Love Their Wedding Proposal – Wedding Market                   

Feb 7., 2011~Interesting article!  Poll indicates 76 % of men said it is essential  to propose on bended knee, while only 49 % of women agreed.  What do  you think?. . . Read More

Three Tips on How to Save– Seasonally Smart Design | CaterBid Blog                      

Jan 20., 2011~I found this article on selecting affordable wedding floral arrangements. . . Read More

Weddings at Funeral Homes Funeral Facilities A Trend-Your Funeral Guy « Your Funeral Guy                                                                                                                      

Jan 11., 2011~Planning a wedding on a tight budget?  Check out the article Weddings at Funeral Homes Funeral Facilities A Trend-Your Funeral Guy « Your Funeral Guy. . . Read More

Incorporating social media into your wedding                                                             

Dec 14., 2010~Today I read an article titled “How To:  Tastefully Use Social Media at Your Wedding”.  This article is a timely must read, since social media is . . . Read More

Wedding planner basics article from                                                     

Nov. 5,‘s article , “Wedding planner basics”, also applies to to event and meeting planners. . . Read More


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